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Get involved with One Movement Media

We encourage Scouts and Guides from around the world to get involved with One Movement Media. Here are some examples of how to interact with our media platform.

Good at writing? Send us a news article!

We love getting emails and correspondence from Scouts and Guides of all ages throughout the world telling us of their latest hike, camp , jamboree or fundraising event. Please dont forget to add some photos!

Good with social media? Interact with us!

You will find us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook @1MovementMedia . Tag us in your posts and dont forget to subscribe

The Take Over

We give you the microphone (and camera if your brave enough!) Record a 30 minute or 60 minute show through Zoom, record and send us the file for us to use on our media platform. We may even stream it on our social media channels during our live broadcasts. 

Suggested sample topics:

  • Youth member to explain their favourite Scout or Guide game or demonstrate it to video camera
  • Bring your recording device to the outdoors and capture audio and video from your next Scout or Guide camp
  • Find out the Scout or Guide Promise in several different languages
  • 101 uses for the necker
  • Give all the members of your Group different superhero names. How many unique names can you come up with?
  • Whats the best patrol names your Scouts and Guides can come up with?
  • The £5 $5 €5 challenge. Your group have to buy and cook a meal for no more than the amount. The less money spent the better. Record the outcomes and send us photos, videos or audio.

We want to do a regular Podcast as part of One Movement Media, How do we do it?

We'll provide the tinder, you provide the spark. We welcome Scouts and Guides from around to create audio podcasts on a regular basis to be added to our podcast channel which has thousands of subscribers from around the world. Please contact our team directly if this is something that you would be interested in doing.

Webinars and Virtual Campfires

Open to Scouts and Guides over the age of 18 or minors who are accompanied by an adult this is the perfect place for Scouts and Guides from every corner of the globe to interact with each other in a safe environment. Visit our webinar page here